Friday, February 20, 2009

Out of Joy do I Rise, In Joy I am Sustained, and Into Joy I go

This is an old Vedic declaration. Some might say, “Ah, a Religious Statement!” Is this declaration solely for the inner confines of the Temple? What might it say to us, living in our everyday lives?

We might substitute ‘the Creative Process’ for the word ‘Joy’ in the declaration –

Out of the Creative Process do I Rise, In the Creative Process I am Sustained, and Into the Creative Process I go!

This statement adds dimensional possibilities to each moment of our day.

Milton Ericson would say we are all entranced by various patterns within ourselves. This entrancement limits our perception, and it limits our creative options as we make choices in the moment. Shakyamuni Buddha, in his first Golden Truth, says we are trapped doing the same the pattern of actions over and over again, no matter what the circumstance – we are suffering! Of course, his second Golden Truth was that we can free ourselves from this entrapment, this entrancement.

This is the foundation of the book, ‘The Everyday Sanyasin.’ First, to recognize the manner in which each one of us entraps ourselves; then through experimentation, finding the Path of Creative Freedom. This Path of Creative Freedom has as its foundation, JOY!

‘The Everyday Sanyasin’ is based upon a journey into Joy and Creativity taken by Bill Georgevich and myself. This creative process evolved through a set of interviews. As we experienced this creative evolution, we opened to the Teaching and guidance that revealed itself. This spawned the creation of ‘Experiments In Awareness,’ the companion book which is part of the ‘Everyday Life as The Path of Enlightenment’ course.

Through Bill’s – and his team’s – Creative Genius, we now offer the original recordings of ‘The Everyday Sanyasin’ on Personal Transformation Radio. Now, each one of you can journey with us in our Creative Discovery of Everyday Life as The Path of Enlightenment!

It is my Blessing that each of you, who tune into this new radio show, will discover their own, Unique Creative Process. Tune In and Discover!
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