Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In a Dream

In a dream, I was chatting with Oprah:

Oprah’s question to me was, “Do you intend to change the world?”

A compassionate smile arose as my heart radiated Light, and I began to offer a Teaching:

My Buddhist brothers and sisters will say that the problems of yesterday are the problems of today, and the problems of today will become the problems of tomorrow. In this Human Realm, we are bound on the wheel of our intentions; our basic pattern of desires arranges and re-arranges the circumstances over and over again. This is the First Golden Truth of Shakyamuni Buddha – We are bound to repeat our patterns until we are Free.

The focus of my Teaching is each one of you! Any real change in the world will not come with massive movements; it comes about as each one of you truly changes. My focus is Personal Awakening, using the circumstances of everyday life. I experience wondrous Joy when one of you is Inspired in this very moment.

Mahatma Gandhi is seen by many as the organizer of the masses of India as a political force. If we look into his writings, we discover that his Teaching of Satyagraha has as its foundation, the development of the peaceful daily life of each person involved. He would say that nothing will be accomplished without Love manifesting from the Heart of each one of you who would practice Satyagraha.

This is called the Power of Soul. It begins with each day’s cultivation of my personal connection with Divine Presence; and finding my own unique ways to manifest my Soulful Connection in the little events of my daily life. The Power of Soul is manifest in each moment of my day.

Oprah catches what I am saying, and her discerning mind puts forth the next question: “Is the Power of Soul, Buddhist or Hindu?”

Once more my heart smiles: “Each one of us is unique, and our Connection with Soul can only be manifest in our own unique way. It can be Christian; it can be Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Taoist. Even if we call it by some accepted name; in truth, it is our own unique connection with The Divine. Our source is ONE: Our personal manifestation is Infinitely Varied and Unique.

Joseph Campbell said, “Find your Bliss!” Gandhi said, “Find your living, daily connection with the Power of Soul.” Mother Teresa spoke of how she experienced the presence of Christ in each dying person for whom she cared. The historical personages go on, each one using their particular religious practice as the Vehicle of Connection; and each one then discovering their own personal manifestation of this Divine Connection.

For this New Year, my offering to you all, is to find your own Unique Connection with the Power of Soul. If my radio shows, books and courses inspire you in this connection, please utilize them. If a more organized structure of religious practice inspires you, please follow that structure – the real importance is that YOU cultivate your Divine Connection in the Power of Soul.

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