Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Teachings of the Living Bardo

On Thanksgiving, we all count our blessings; we remember all we have gained and all that has been given us in this life. Now comes the season of Christmas – quite a unique time indeed. It is a time when we are asked the classic question, “What do you want?”

This is a great question for this time of year; in older times, December meant that snow was on the ground and the seeds of new life were sleeping, gathering strength to arise with their Spring Awakening. In some areas of the world, the celebrations of Christ’s birth take place in the Spring.

I have asked myself what do I want, or better said, what seeds of action do I wish to plant in the fertile soil of my life – seeds that I want to bring forth in the coming year. Of course, I began with the obvious -- World Peace, Feeding the Hungry –- yet I soon realized that these are more vague motivations rather than what I really want to manifest.

I soon arrived at an affirmation of what I am already creating – the Teachings of the Living Bardo. My affirmation opened to refining, communicating more completely the purpose of these Teachings.

Some teachings have as their focus the issue of what will happen when you die. In fact, there are many schools of practitioners who are in constant preparation for that dying moment and the after-life.

The Teachings of the Living Bardo are about discovering our Divine Human Potential – Our Divine Heritage. If you are reading this, you are Alive – this is the primary focus of the Teachings. We are all Alive! We have a marvelous opportunity to discover the brilliance, the diversity, and the effulgence of Human Manifestation.

In the Living Bardo Teachings, there are very few rules – each of us is free to find our inner light in our own unique manner. The Law of Karma is both a magnificent aid, as well as a reminder – “You reap what you sow!”

Using Karma as an aid, I realize that I can cultivate greater Creativity, greater Joy, and more dynamic Love, in my life. This is what the Teachings are all about. I use my creative manifestation to uncover my unique gems of Human Incarnation. I enhance these gems; first by becoming Aware of them, then by cultivating a Willingness to utilize them in my life, and then to Playfully create in my life with my unique Human Expression.

This is the core of the Teachings of the Living Bardo.

Blessings to you all.

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